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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Love is all there is

What is the most difficult thing to do in life?
Ever gave a thought to this question?
I will tell you what it is - To love unconditionally.
Yes this is the most difficult task that we human beings face from birth to death!
Think about it..... 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Quantum Theory- The Bridge between science and spirituality!

For long I have suspected that the Quantum Mechanics Theory, which  essentially explains the unexpected behaviour of matter observed at nanoscopic scales, holds the key to the origin of the universe as well as the different states of consciousness which exist in our world. Inspite of having this intuitive feeling, I was at a loss to understand this interconnection. The understanding always seemed to be very close yet far away. In vain, I was trying to grasp this tenuous link which like a vision floated in front of my eyes yet could not be converted and turned into a fact.

Instinctively, I however knew that my thoughts were on the right track and kept reading and searching on both Quantum Theory as well as Mind, Body and Soul connection related material produced by the great spiritual masters. I think that now I am on the verge of a breakthrough in understanding the connection which links the Spiritual world with the scientific world. I don’t lay claim to this understanding as something discovered by me alone. Rather, it is a derivation from the pioneering  path breaking research work done by the scientists and spiritualists in their respective fields. I have only read them extensively and discovered the linkage between the two. I hope that this seminal work will help in bridging the gap between the science and spirituality.

Before we proceed further and I show the relationship between the two seemingly isolated fields, let me explain some of the terms and concepts which exist in spiritual and scientific world.

Any student and researcher on the path of Spirituality has often come across the words-
Conscious mind and Subconscious mind.

1.       What is a conscious mind?
Daily we wakeup, eat, drink, go office, work, worship, etc. The mind which is used by us in our daily day-to-day activities is the conscious mind. All our rational and cognitive functions are executed by our conscious mind. When we perform any action or think from our conscious mind, we are fully aware of our actions and thoughts.

2.       What is a subconscious mind?
It is that part of mind which resides in the deep inner recesses of our mind. A normal human being is totally unaware of our subconscious mind. This part of our mind is in constant attunement with the universe and is the originator of our deep seated feelings, attitudes and “miracles” in life. It is a powerful entity which is recognized and harnessed by the great spiritual masters for performing the so called miracles beyond the comprehension of an ordinary human mind. While a normal human being only recognizes its existence after the occurrence of an extraordinary event, a spiritual master controls it to perform such extra ordinary events at his whim and fancy.
From above it is clear that while most ordinary human beings are content in controlling their conscious mind, an evolved soul goes beyond the conscious mind to shape events and move universe as per his will by harnessing the powerful subconscious mind.

What is Quantum Mechanics Theory?
This Theory was originally formulated by the inferences derived by the likes of scientists like Planck, Einstein, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, etc. It states that while all the classical laws of physics are applicable to physical objects that we come across in our day to day life, these laws become void and inapplicable as soon as we come down to nanosized objects like electrons. These extremely small sized object exhibits both particle as well as wave behavior depending on the circumstances. 
Double Slit Experiment: This is a classical experiment which was conducted on small particles like electrons (and later even on much bigger masses like Einstein Bose condensate)  to show that they exhibit both particle as well as wavelike characteristics under certain conditions. How is that possible? To show a particle like behavior is expected of a solid object. However, it is a real surprise to show that the same object also shows a wave like behavior. To understand what was this experiment, please refer to this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment . A nice animation is available on Youtube to depict the Double slit experiment:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc. These experiments showed conclusively that matter as we see it in our physical world is having some inherent characteristics which manifest only in certain conditions.
Dual Nature of Matter:
From the above experiment, it was clear that the electron was showing a dual nature, which was unexpected from the electron. However, what was more interesting for the scientists was to find out that this dual nature of matter was exhibited under which two different circumstances! What were the underlying conditions?
Particle behavior:
A particle when fired, is expected to travel in a straight line and will pass through the slit only if it comes in its path. In case it doesn’t come in it’s path, it will simple be stopped by the screen. Now comes a very interesting part of the experiment: The electron showed particle behavior when it was being observed. This means that a recording apparatus was placed near the slit to record the movement of electron as it approached the screen. Subjected to such a scrutiny, the electron showed movement as predicted by the classical physics, i.e., it moved as per the expected trajectory.
Wave Behaviour:
A wave when travelling in a straight path, will get divided if faced with an obstruction(Here by the two Slits) and as a consequence, the wavelets emerging out of the two slits will interfere with each other to create barcode shaped interference patterns. This behavior of a wave is it’s inherent characteristic. But surprise, when electrons were fired towards the two slits, we observe that they too create an interference pattern, as if they are coming in the form of wave, not a particle. A bigger surprise however is that as soon as we start observing the movement of electron using maybe some recording device, they again start behaving like a particle. What does it mean? Is the electron knowing that it is being observed and falls back into particle behavior?
According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, the very act of observing and or recording the motion of electron brings in something more into the system and thus it is impossible to findout simultaneously both the energy (given by momentum) and the position of the moving electron.
But here the behavior of the electron is in fact going one step beyond and making it difficult to classify it. We are confused whether to call it  as a particle or a wave!

Relation between mind and matter:
This brings us to some inescapable conclusions which are self –evident to an unbiased mind. The Double slit experiment suggests that what is observed as a solid physical universe composed of objects following the classical laws of physics at macroscopic levels inexplicably turns into a wave of possibilities following a different set of laws as soon as we go at submicroscopic levels. These waves of possibilities will transit  into a solid physical single position entity whenever we try to observe, capture and or record this entity and it’s position. This points out that:
1.       Universe is primarily composed as a wave function. All that we see, feel, hear, smell, taste- consciously or unconsciously, is basically energy vibrating at a certain frequency. This relationship was long ago defined by Einstein by his equation E=mc2, where E stand for the energy, m for mass and c for the speed of light. Everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. However, as soon as we try to measure or observe this wave, the very act of trying to measure brings about a change in the state of energy and the wave function collapses .
2.       Any amateur student of spirituality will tell you that the subconscious mind also possesses the same property as above. The subconscious mind manifests itself at different times most unexpectedly when we are least expecting it. The ordinary human dismisses the daily miracles wrought by the subconscious mind as a mere coincidence and moves forward without giving it a second thought. However, a spiritual person understands their significance and gives them the consideration it deserves.
3.       However, if he or she tries to observe the spiritual phenomenon consciously or try to see it unfolding as a conscious observer, it just dissolves away. It slips away like sand flowing out of the grip of our hands until that surreal feeling goes away. So, just as an observer forces the electron to once again start following the physical laws of universe, the events too revert back to being regular events without any magic left in them when we try to track them through conscious mind. However, as one progresses in the path of spiritualism and gradually attains a mastery over the handling of the subconscious mind, we are no longer constrained by the universe. What was hiding behind the veil or curtain of the universe is now fully visible to a master and one is able to harness the subconscious mind at will. Not only is that person able to understand the underlying waves behind the events, one is even able to create and manifest physical objects and events just by willing them.  
4.       The above happens because once a spiritual master has access into the hidden realm of mind, he understands the limitless potential and power of the thought. With a subconscious mind vibrating in tandem with the universe, everything is a wave of possibilities. What will finally manifest in the physical realm is due to a choice exercised by the master.
5.       The Spiritual Master has understood the true meaning of following quantum mechanics terms:
·         Superposition – An object can exist at multiple places at once
·         Entanglement –All objects are interconnected and change in anything in any part of universe affects instantaneously all other objects. This destroys the concept of space and distance.
·         Time non linearity- An object can exist simultaneously at multiple times.
He or she is practicing them without naming them as such.

Taken together, the whole universe is composed of infinite possibilities and what we observe on the physical plane is just one of the possibility out of several underlying possibilities, being played out in front of us (THE OBSERVER).

Conclusion: The Quantum Theory which tries to explain the dual nature of matter as it is observed in Universe in fact is a validation of the dual nature of mind- the conscious and the subconscious mind. The physical nature of universe corresponds to the conscious state of our mind while the wave nature of universe corresponds to the subconscious state of our mind. The spiritual aspirant must ignore the physical nature of universe and try to reach to the vibratory core of the universe, whereby all things arise from. This is possible only by discovering and aligning oneself with his or her subconscious mind. Removing the veil covering the subconscious mind will rip open the physical cover, exposing to the discoverer the underlying energy behind the physical aspects of universe.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Subconscious Mind- Your Key to Success

If you have read my last blog, you would have understood with certainty the importance of the Subconscious mind in our life and how being in touch and igniting the fire of our subconscious mind will help in achievement of our life goals. In this blogpost, I am  going to list some commonly used methods of first accessing and then activating our subconscious mind.  

1.       Meditation: This is the most important and prevalent practice by which one can get access to one’s subconscious mind. The most significant aspect of accessing the subconscious mind through meditation is that you are consciously trying to open the hitherto closed door of an unexplored space of your mind. This means that you are at all times in full control of the steps you are taking towards your Mental  and Spiritual emancipation, because that’s what I call this activity of accessing and activating  subconscious mind.
The word meditation is popular among the seekers of Spiritual growth. But the paths of meditation are as many as are the practitioners of it. Just like all religions lead to one god, so do all meditations lead to one single goal- that of getting in touch with and activating your subconscious mind. I leave it to the reader to find the best path of meditation. My advice- try as many paths as you like and seek the help of a guru if you find difficulty in practicing it all alone. Also, there are several self help books on meditation and even audio CDs and clips which teach techniques as well as guide you through meditation.

One of my favorite methods of meditating is as follows:
After morning bath, lie down in your bed in shav asana. Take care the room is closed and there is no other disturbance. Chant your favorite mantra 3 times. As you chant the mantra, imagine the whole Universe chanting it with you. Now imagine the cosmic rays which are all around you aligning themselves and entering into your body from your crown chakra. Imagine them entering your body in the shape of a giant funnel whose narrow tip is ending on top of your head. As they enter your body, they activate all the 5 main chakras in your body one after the other. As these chakras start rotating, increasing their speed more and more, they start attracting more and more of these rays into you. Start feeling the blissful effect of these rays all over your body from head to toe. If you are doing this correctly, you will feel warmth seeping into your palms, especially your finger tips will start tingling with this warmth. Your aura, the etheric body, is cleansed and activated and charged. Now, let your mind go blank in this blissful state. Let it feel awash with bliss and joy , protected and receiving the supreme blessings that it deserves from Universe. Let yourself remain in this state as long as you can. Here I would like to point out the importance of letting go of conscious actions for successful meditation. The subconscious mind can be likened to a butterfly. The butterfly flies away as you approach it with intent to catch it and the more you chase after it, the more it flies away from you. However, if you sit still and wait patiently, it will sooner or later come to you on it’s own! Likewise It takes a lot of patience and practice to attune your subconscious mind so that it can reach deeper and deeper state of meditation. The guru or the literature from great practitioners of meditation may be able to guide you and give you successful tips. Yet meditation is an intensely personal experience and every human being on this earth has to create his or her own path as they progress forward.
One of the biggest benefits of meditation as a means of accessing your subconscious mind is the activation which accompanies the process automatically. As you meditate more and more, the blocked channels between your Subconscious and Universe and Subconscious and Conscious Mind will open up. You will have direct broadband access to the goodness of WWW-the world wide web of Universe. All your conscious thoughts and desires will be channeled instantly to the Universe via Subconscious mind and the Universe like a Genie will send forth abundance and joy in your life exclaiming – Your Wish is my Command!

2.       Dreams- The visual and aural messages received by us while sleeping and which we call dreams are a powerful tool for getting in touch with the world beyond the Conscious mind. Thus, while Meditation is a conscious step taken by the seeker to get in touch with his or her Subconscious mind, Dreams are the tool of the Universe-the Supreme System, to bring you closer to your Subconscious mind. The decision  to meditate is a product of the conscious mind of a person. The decision to dream is however not in the hands of a person’s conscious mind. Therefore, Dreams are a much more direct connection between a person’s subconscious mind and the Universe. They are a direct outcome of the stimuli provided by the Universe to the Subconscious mind while we are sleeping.
You may well ask that while dreams are our gateway to the Subconscious world it is so much more difficult to remember them when we wake up from our sleep. How do we remember those messages which our Subconscious mind receives while in the state of sleep? The answer is we can train our conscious mind to remember the messages that we have received while dreaming. How?? Through patience and practice.  Dreams are so ephemeral in nature. We remember perfectly the sequence of events as long as we are dreaming, even going backwards and forwards sometimes. However, as soon as we wakeup, they just vanish.  A practical way of remembering your dreams is through maintaining a Dream Logbook. Purchase a nice Diary and christen it your Dream logbook. Keep this logbook at all times near the place where you sleep. As soon as you wake up after a particularly vivid dream, just note down a description of that dream in this logbook. Do this religiously. After a certain period of time, you will notice that remembering the Dreams will come to you effortlessly. What was initially a chore will become the most natural thing to do. What’s more writing them down and then going through those dreams sometimes later will help you see and form instant connections between these seemingly disparate dreams. In effect, you will be consciously analyzing your subconscious messages and be able to read between the lines. You will be able to get the subliminal messages that your soul is receiving from the Universe and mould your life accordingly.
Déjà vu – A great proof of the dreams being the harbingers of messages from Universe is the feeling of déjà vu that almost all of us have experienced at some or the other times of our life.   Déjà vu is the feeling that we get when during some particular event in which we are the participants we suddenly get the feeling that we have seen this event happening before also. There is a strong sense of foreboding of something happening even as the event is unfolding right before our eyes. Again, as soon as we realize this and try to capture this moment or try to foresee what will happen next through our conscious mind, it disappears like a mirage in the desert. Have you ever thought what is the source of this Déjà vu? It is our dreams. The dreams are a very effective medium of getting in touch with our source- the Superconscious Mind. However, it is being done without the active participation of the conscious mind. Often, our source shows us glimpses of one of our many futures. Since most of the times we forget our dreams as soon as we wake up, when that event does show up in actual in our future life, we get the feeling of déjà vu.

3.       Hypnotism- This is perhaps the most misunderstood and also the least practiced methods of accessing the subconscious mind. The reason is ofcourse the way hypnotism has been depicted and represented in the mass media. It is shown as a favorite practice of villainous practitioners to extract information from their unwilling victims. Everybody has secrets and nobody wants them to be put into the hands of somebody who can misutilise them.
However, contrary to the impression given by the mass media, a person under hypnotism is not a hapless victim who is under total command and control of the hypnotist. A person who is under hypnotism is fully aware of both external environment as well as the scenes which are unfolding in their mind. A practiced Hypnotist can guide the subject to a particular event that has happened in either present or past life. The subject watches the events unfolding in their mind’s eye like an observer or bystander, totally detached from the event yet watching it so vividly that they can even remember the smells associated with it. Further, it is totally upto the Subject whether they want to share the details of this scene unfolding in front of them with the people around them.
So what exactly happens when a person is hypnotized? He or she is taken to a guided journey into the deep unexplored recesses of the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind derives it’s photographic memory from the access to the vast unlimited Server named Universe. The theory of relativity of Einstein implies that Time and Space are two sides of the same coin. Everything that ever happened or will happen in future are all existing together. It is just that we as humans experience time in a linear fashion so that everything seems to be in a chronological order. Instead of  considering time as a moving element and space as stationary, imagine what would happen if we consider space as moving and time as the stationary landscape. The same events would happen exactly as they are now to us. We will go into this aspect more in future. For present, we can safely say that all the times exist simultaneously. Thus hypnotism helps us to tap into the subconscious mind and wet our beaks with the events in question by picking and choosing the area of space-time continuum that we want to see.
 It is a great way of getting insights into our past and future. Also, we have the added advantage of simultaneously be able to apply our conscious knowledge to the subconscious memories thereby triggering sometimes huge cathartic moments which may lead us to epiphany.

Today we discussed some of the most common methods of achieving access as well as activating our subconscious mind. Hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have in writing it. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Frame of Human Existence- Subconcious Mind Part 2

I shall now continue with my earlier post about sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind , though hidden from the human conscious mind, does make it’s presence felt occasionally in our lives.
How many times you have experienced that you think about a person, a long lost friend or maybe some work colleague who you haven’t talked to in a long time and you get a phone call almost immediately. Isn’t it amazing  that someone whom you weren’t in touch for such a long time should call you at the exact moment that you have thought about that person. It isn’t mere coincidence. The most interesting part is that if you make a conscious effort to remember that person and wish that he or she will call you or remember you, it never happens.  So what is happening here? The subconscious mind which is at all times in synchronicity with the Universe – the Super conscious, sends a signal to the sub-conscious mind of your long lost friend or colleague. Their sub-conscious mind picks up your signal and creates an urge within them to get in touch with you. And voila, out of the blue you get your phone call! Since the same effect is not observed when we are using the conscious mind, the conclusion is obvious that the subconscious mind is using a channel which is not linked in any way to the conscious world. This channel has been instrumental in fulfilling a human being’s most deep rooted desire. Have you ever noticed that this effect is much more pronounced when a person is remembered together by a group. Inevitably, whenever I meet my college friends and discuss about some old friend, out of the blue we get his call. Again, the reason is obvious. Instead of one subconscious mind, when several subconscious minds send the signal of remembrance to another subconscious mind, there is a resonance resulting in stronger and faster urge for getting in touch.
Have you read the best selling book by Rhonda Byrne “The Secret”?The book talks about the power of the “Law of Attraction” . According to the law of attraction, we attract into our lives whatever we wish for and think about. As told by Paulo Coelho in his path breaking novel “The Alchemist”- when you really desire for something, the whole Universe conspires to make it happen for you. It is a very simple and powerful concept. In life, we attract what we think about. However, according to me, “The Secret” failed to differentiate between desires and thoughts. Rhonda Byrne assumed that whatever mind desires, it thinks about the same. However, desires may be conscious as well as subconscious . Rhonda Byrne failed to differentiate between the two. Another very important area in which her book has failed is it’s inability to differentiate between the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind. People have told me that they religiously follow the tenets given in her book regarding the law of attraction. Yet it has failed to make an impact in their lives. If one understands the “Frame of Human Existence” , the reason for this failure is self-evident. The failure is not because people are not using the law of attraction as given in the book. The failure is because they are not using the power of sub-conscious mind in applying the law of attraction. Using the conscious mind will not activate the law of attraction in your life. You need to use the sub-conscious mind for unleashing the powerful forces of the law of attraction in your life. And that is why I say that Rhonda Byrne has erred by not differentiating between the conscious and subconscious desires. Unless you are a person who has a highly developed understanding of the sub-conscious mind and which you have trained and perfected by repeatedly meditating and synchronizing your sub-conscious with the Super-conscious, you have no way of controlling the execution of attainment of your desires. You need to reach at the core of your soul to set the law of attraction into motion. Like the churner which churns the buttermilk at the very bottom to whip out the butter from it, the fulfillment of desires will only come by touching the core of your existence – the subconscious mind! Using the conscious mind for utilizing the law of attraction is like skimming the surface without touching at the core.
Can we get access to the sub-conscious mind?
This is a question which we will discuss in the next post.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Frame of Human Existence- Subconscious Mind

Before I begin on the sub-conscious mind, I would like to thank all my friends, colleagues and well-wishers who have been spreading the word about my blog and sending in so many hits. Keep visiting and commenting and I promise I won't stop posting. ;-)
Today I would like to put some light on that part of mind which is always in the dark. It is that secret vault that, when unlocked, can turn an ordinary mind into an extra-ordinary mind and an ordinary life into an extra-ordinary life. If you study the lives of the greats, the idols who have walked on this planet, you will find one common factor which contributed to their success. This common factor was their mastery over their sub-conscious mind. Have no doubt- the key to eternal and lasting success in this world is unlocking the powers of your sub-conscious mind.
You must have often heard- the mind has immense potential, an average human mind uses not even 10% of it’s potential and such other assertions. Those assertions are indeed true. Today, several mind power trainers claim to have devised specialized training programmes. Anybody who undergoes this training will be able to unlock the unused potential of the mind – goes the refrain. Some do succeed to a certain extent and do unlock certain areas of the minds. However, they are missing the leaves in counting the trees.
True potential of any individual can be unlocked only by discovering the sub-conscious mind. This  is a highly personal journey. You may have at your disposal all the trainers and aids of the world. However, to discover the sub-conscious mind is possible only by you yourself. Nobody else can do this for you. So what exactly is the Sub-Conscious mind? It is that part of the human brain which is not normally available to the conscious mind. The question arises -then who is it available to normally? Any Guesses? Of course- THE SOUL!  Doesn’t it make sense? It is that secret doorway through which our body is in constant touch with the Universe, the Super-conscious, the White light. Our Sub-conscious is the gateway to greater consciousness. And who else but our soul would link us to this repository of the entire knowledge of the world. Our sub- conscious is that hidden channel in our mind which connects our body to the soul and is thus directly linked through the soul to the super-conscious.
In the heavenly scheme of things, there is a reason that one normally can not tap into his or her sub-conscious mind as easily as one can into the conscious mind. The reason why one doesn’t have access to the subconscious mind on a regular basis is that we as humans can only handle so much information at a time. Every life is unique and should be led uniquely and not be affected by our earlier lives. However, the information of our earlier lives is always present in the sub-conscious mind. A trained hypnotist can easily uncover our past lives using the Past Life Regression Therapy(PLRT). For those unaware about PLRT, it is a proven method by which a trained practitioner can lead you back to remember your past lives and important events. Dr. Brian Weiss, a  renowned psychiatrist  is a well known exponent of PLRT and has written several books on the subject. He used PLRT to help his patients recover from past life traumas which were affecting their present lives. I know it sounds like a lot of hocus pocus but if you will just google PLRT, you will find  that a lot of respected practitioners of psychology are today using PLRT to treat their patients. And the results speak about the efficacy and authenticity of this. We will talk more about PLRT in future blogs.
So how do we get to tap into our sub-conscious mind? The answer is meditation. What is meditation? It is attuning your mind so that it is in synchronization with the Universal Energy. Theories of physics like Quantum Theory has proved that every particle that has mass vibrates at a certain frequency. This frequency can be changed by applying energy to that particle. When we meditate, we are consciously trying to match the frequency of our brain waves with that of the Universe. I mentioned Alpha waves before. Actually, our brain has five types of waves:
1.       Alpha
2.      Beta
3.      Gamma
4.      Theta
5.      Delta
The modern science can measure these waves. Just pick up any EEG (Electro Encephalography) Report to find out about them. When you are meditating , your brain generates Alpha, Theta or Delta waves depending upon the power and intensity of meditation. The East has always placed great emphasis on the powers of meditation for bringing about awareness or awakening of the soul. As you increase your power and concentration of meditation, you start getting more and more in touch with your soul, eventually setting off on the path of self-realization.
We shall continue with the topic of Subconscious mind in the next blog too…

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Frame of Human Existence- Super Conscious

Today ,we will talk about the Super-conscious. 
The word Super-conscious should not confuse you. Often we call something super when we assume it to be above or superior to whatever we are comparing it with. Super-conscious here means an amalgation of the conscious, intelligent Energies called the Souls. Souls exist. They however don’t exist in the traditional senses of the term where we define existence as occupation of a certain time and space. Since the souls don’t exist as we humans define existence, the superconscious, which is an amalgamation of the souls, also doesn’t exist as we humans define it. It however pervades through the infinitesimally smallest part of every living and non-living thing on the earth. It is the prime mover- moving things according to the grand scheme of things. Variously called as the Life energy, Universal force, etc., it is what the major religions of the world call as the GOD.  The Super consciousness is that conscious, intelligent energy which is the source of all souls, events, matter in the world. It is the defining force which manifests itself through all living , non-living,  mass and non-mass of the world. Our ancients knew about the presence of this fantastic mover of the world and were in total awe of it. Since one could never come close to understand it’s true nature but only stoically bear  the effects on their lives, they held it in total reverence and prayed and worshipped to it to turn it into an ally and  keep themselves out of harm’s ways. If you will read the excellent book by Karen Armstrong – A History of God, you will see that God was initially revered as a mean, scary, revengeful icon who often sided with the people who worshipped him and punished the rest. Each ancient tribe believed in the superiority of it’s God or Gods over that of the others. The first task after vanquishing a rival tribe was to establish their own Gods as captor’s Gods. This is how the ancient religion of Judaism developed. The idea of Monotheistic religions, that there is only one God, came much later into being after the advent of Christianity and Islam. This bring us to a very important question related to the basic foundation of all world religions.
Is there really only one God?
The answer is both yes and no. God by definition is a Super-conscious vital energy. This energy is composed of the sumtotal of all Conscious energies called Souls. So, it is the sum of the parts which makes it whole. Imagine viewing a beautiful painting of a lady from a distance. What do you see? A beautiful picture of a person. Now, as you come closer, slowly the brush strokes that made the painting start manifesting themselves. So what really is the truth? The complete portrait  of the person whom you saw or the brush strokes that have made it into a picture. If you view from one angle, it is ONE. If you view from another angle, it is SEVERAL. The choice is yours to make. It doesn’t make one iota of a difference to the Super-conscious whether you consider it single or several!
So what exactly is happening in the Universe? The Souls which form together the Super-conscious are at all times connected to this Super-conscious. Yes, at all times. Whether they are part of an incarnation or whether they are in between incarnations or whether they have reached the end of their incarnation cycles – this link with other souls is maintained at all times. Just imagine a huge closed system in which all the Souls are going about their business of learning and giving lessons from and to each other. You could call this system the Super-conscious. It is continuously evolving. With each Soul’s every bit of learning, the Super-conscious is further evolved. The reason is simple- Super-conscious is Souls and Souls are Super-conscious. Singular to Plural, Plural to Singular.
In my next post, I will talk about the Sub-conscious mind- our link to the Super-conscious.